They All Laughed...a review of sorts..

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Re: They All Laughed...a review of sorts..

Postby faxman73 » Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:53 pm

Just watched They All Laughed yesterday with PB's comments:

Dorothy of course looked radiant and sweet. It was great to see her have a more prominent character in a film, she seemed to handle it with ease. I don't know how John Ritter pulled it off, I would've been way too nervous.

I really miss John Ritter's acting, there was just no one else like him the way he would always trip over stuff. Was one of my favorite actors as a kid, and always seemed so friendly and down to earth, you just assume that he would always be around, but tragically he was taken too soon.

I was really impressed with the authenticity of the film. I was already fascinated by NYC especially in the '70s - '80s, and as Peter mentioned almost the whole movie was shot on location without extras. You really get a good feel of how things were back then. I found myself looking at all of the store signs and cars in the street. I keep wondering how did they pull off shooting a movie in NYC with all of those people in the background, but they made it work! If I was in NYC at that time I could've been in the movie, just crazy to think of that.

Peter has good recall of all the details. I thought it was funny how he would keep mentioning "we got this in one take, why would we cut away when we could get it one take". He mentioned that the character of Dorothy's husband in the film was based off of her real life demanding husband. Audrey Hepburn had her own wardrobe and would rework her lines and make them even better. The one shot of Ben Gazzara at the end of the movie with the window in the background was a tribute to PB's father who was a painter.

Its just really a shame. This movie was meant to be a light headed comedy, and I really enjoyed it for that, but you always remember what happened to Dorothy and it brings you down. Its too bad things couldn't work out like they did in the movie.

Right now I'm trying to find all of the locations in the film and then going to Google maps to see how it looks today.
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Re: They All Laughed...a review of sorts..

Postby William » Wed May 01, 2013 3:29 am

Faxman73, I just watched "Bad Santa" last night, which is of course John Ritter's last performance in a film. I miss him, too. I grew up watching Three's Company.

Every once in a while, I'll catch his son Jason in something. The resemblance is striking.
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